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For Merino Rams

Rams for the Modern Merino Breeder

Now available through a modern selling medium

Welcome to our online store!

Here you can browse through our available Poll Merino Rams, select, buy and pay for them directly from our website! All our rams have been extensively tested over their lifetime, and we will completely back their performance even sight unseen.

We know that buying your rams online might seem crazy, but we are living in crazy times. Likely you have already gotten used to seeing and bidding for your bulls and rams in online auctions, so an online store isn't actually that much of a stretch.

We want to give you complete confidence in your purchases, so for each individual ram we have:

  • A video of each ram
  • Wool photos
  • Full ASBVs
  • Wool test data
  • Structural assessment
  • Vet soundness examination
  • Our personal guarantee to ensure satisfied customers

Ram injuries

(See Refund Policy)

Rams being rams, there is always a risk that a particular ram can be injured from fighting or other misadventures. We will inspect each ram before delivery to ensure he is in good health, fit, has normal testes, and no injuries. If we find anything wrong with him, we will contact you to discuss refunds or replacement rams.

If you opt for us to organise delivery of your rams, we will be working on a case by case basis to deliver rams. In general, we will be trying to work in shipping multiple orders out at once, but this will be influenced by the distance to travel and the number of rams ordered. We will have rams delivered to you no more than 4 weeks after we receive your order.

We will attempt to deliver on dates that suit you, however we cannot guarantee that. It is your responsibility to ensure that the rams can be unloaded safely regardless of the delivery date.

Bulk buy discounts

Orders over $5000 receive 5% discount, over $15,000 receive 10% discount, over $25,000 receive 15% discount

These will be automatically applied at checkout.

While all our rams will increase the profitability of your enterprise, the extra production you get from the progeny of the higher grade rams is worth far more than the initial up front cost, but we do understand that can be difficult on a budget. Our bulk buy discounts reward those who buy more rams, and we hope will also allow you to add in a couple higher grade rams for a similar overall price. For example instead of buying 10 x $1400 rams for $14,000, you can buy 6 x $1400 and 4 x $2000 for $13,940 with the bulk buy discount.

Agent Rebate

Agents buying on behalf of clients will receive a 3% rebate. Simply register on the website, then call or email us, and we will add a rebate discount to any orders you make.

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This spreadsheet contains the data you need to select the ram that suits your operation - ASBVs, Wool figures, weights and structural assessment. Use to filter and narrow down your search

PDF Print version

If you would like to watch all the sheep in one location, check out the playlists on Youtube

See all the rams on Sheep Genetics

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