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Rissmerino Shipping Policy

Shipment processing time

All rams will be transported within 4 weeks of receiving your order. We will generally be trying to organise to send out multiple deliveries at once. However, this will all be influenced by several factors such as distance to travel, the number of rams purchased and weather.

We will attempt to send your rams to you on dates that suit you. However, we cannot guarantee that trucks will be able to meet you when you want, and it is ultimately your responsibility to ensure that the rams are able to be unloaded safely at their destination.

If you urgently require your rams, you will need to select "Organise your own delivery" on checkout. Get in contact with us - we might be about to deliver a load of rams anyway or may be able to work in with other deliveries.

Shipping rates

Shipping is estimated by the state the rams are being delivered to. It is a flat rate and as such will usually not be the actual transport cost depending on where you are in the state, but you will not receive any additional charges (or refunds) that may incur.

Shipment confirmation and tracking

We will phone you to try and organise delivery dates that work for you, and keep you updated by text messages.


Rissmerino is not liable for any injury sustained during shipping. If your ram arrives injured, please contact us.

Returns Policy

Due to bruscellosis regulations, it is not possible to return rams once they arrive at your property.


Our policy is to not send any ram that is not fit for purpose. Each ram will be inspected before delivery to ensure he is in good health, fit, has normal testes, and has no injury. If we find anything wrong with him, we will contact you to discuss refunds or replacement rams.

Please reach out to us directly on 0431 071 766 if you have any concerns when your ram arrives. We will work with you to either replace or refund you.